Implementation Overview

Impexium’s greatest priority is a successful implementation and rollout of our client's new membership management platform. It is our mission to make sure all users are comfortable using the platform, have a high rate of adoption and ensure the platform has been configured to support current and future business objectives.  

The Implementation Life Cyle

The Implementation Life Cycle is the process through which clients’ requirements and goals for Impexium adoption become reality. It involves a close partnership, in which we seek to achieve your organizational objectives and realize the value of SaaS software by mapping your business processes to Impexium’s suite of Applications. Critical to the success of this process is our understanding of your specific needs, offering our guidance on appropriate plans, and working toward your success.

Implementation Stages 

One of the principal business values of SaaS applications is the adoption of standard functionality and the minimization of customization.  Impexium Implementation plans are split out into 6 stages: 

  1. Planning
  2. Requirement Analysis
  3. Design
  4. Training
  5. Testing
  6. Adoption

Examples of Standard Implementation Services 

The following table details typical services included as part of your Impexium implementation: 


  • Project kickoff meeting led by the Impexium Team for planning and accounting for key project milestones. 

  • Weekly status call with Impexium Project Manager. 

  • Staging (test) environment to review converted data. 

  • Guidance & assistance with site configuration. 

  • Custom branding of your Impexium site. 

  • Domain customization of Impexium landing page to your domain or subdomain. 

  • Assistance with the migration and distribution of historical activity from legacy database. 

  • Additional web-delivered follow-up training sessions as needed. 


  • Assistance with user authentication via Single Sign-On. 

  • Impexium administration training delivered by Product Specialist. 

  • Assistance with all aspects of the implementation process, including guidance, documentation, and other activities. 

  • Onsite “Train-the-Trainer” session led by a Impexium Product Specialist. 

  • Assistance with change management strategies and best practices.  

  • Ongoing support from Client Support Representatives. 

  • Assistance from Business Analyst with provisioning of users, customers, memberships, and more.  


Data Conversion 

Data conversion is both an art and a science.  As part of your implementation, it is important to identify all the data sources that are going to be converted into Impexium and provide a complete set of all “structured” data to Impexium for analysis and preparation. The data conversion process will include: 

  • Data mapping from the legacy system(s) as well as how and what historical data will be transferred to the new system. 

  • New data to be tracked (new fields to be added), and elimination of data that will no longer be needed in Impexium. 

  • Housing historical or archival data in Impexium and the data mapping process. 

  • Address verification. 


Post Implementation Support and Success

Impexium's suite of training, customer support and business consulting services provides the best practices, expertise and guidance clients need to ensure a successful AMS adoption and ongoing satisfaction.


Customer Support   

Impexium Support provides an online 24x7 Support Portal and ticketing system with live phone/email support available 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM eastern, Monday to Friday. Online help and tool tips are also available within the Impexium application. In addition, Impexium provides an online Customer Community, Impexity, which is fully integrated with support operations providing clients access to the knowledge base, video tutorials, case management, and community discussions.  

Impexium's Client Success Team

After implementation, each client is assigned to a member of our Client Success Team.  Your Client Success Manager (CSM) will be your organization's strategic partner focused on helping you leverage Impexium to reach your goals. Your CSM helps define and develop individualized strategies based on your organization's priorities and initiatives.



Hear from an Impexium Client...

“I’d never tried to make this type of change—go from a widely dispersed set of spreadsheets, each formatted differently, to a unified cloud-based service. I needed all the help I could get! Impexium set me up with one point-of-contact who learned my situation and challenges and was a rock of support in helping me tell him what he needed to hear.” As a result, both employees and users are singing the praises of the new system. “Every time I ask myself, ‘Can we do this?’ I find it has a way to do it.”

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Impexium Advantages
  • Impexium's cloud deployment substantially simplifies configuration and administration
  • Default integration tools and standard APIs that enable mutual data exchange and aligned workflows between the integrated systems
  • After-launch support services and a dedicated Client Success Manager aimed at quick problem-solving and ongoing user adoption



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