Data Management

Impexium’s data management functionality and services consist of policies, processes and functionality to assist in the management of acquiring, validating, storing, protecting and analyzing the association’s data to ultimately ensure the accessibility, reliability and accuracy of the data for its users and decision makers.


Data Concierge

Impexium’s Data Concierge allows staff and members to quickly validate and/or update individual and organization data to assist in dues calculations, data clean-up as well as support business processes and workflow.


Address Verification Service (AVS), Political Districts and Geo Data

Impexium provides automatic Address Verification Services which both validates the mailing address and simplifies address data entry. Enter the street address, and Zip Code, and Impexium does the rest, including populating city, state, 9-digit Zip Code, county, congressional district, state senate and house codes, time zone and geo data for mapping addresses. Easily query this data to identify constituents in any political district.

With the geo data (latitude and longitude) provided with AVS, initiate a “radius search” to identify individuals near the search location.  This is valuable both for staff and the association’s member directory.


Address Verification Service (AVS) in Impexium automatically populating city, state, 9-digit Zip Code, county, congressional district, state senate and house codes, time zone and geo data.


GDPR Compliance

Data privacy is a priority for Impexium. We strive to meet the highest privacy standards in the industry and are pleased to continue our steadfast commitment to our customers’ data security by providing features and functionality to allow customers to comply with GDPR guidelines.


Option-In Consent

  • The member sign-up wizard will have the option to collect consent from the Individual.
  • The date/time when the consent was given will be recorded.
  • An option to withdraw consent will be provided.  A consent such as ones that are required to proceed (e.g., terms and conditions to join) cannot be withdrawn.
  • Consent text can be configured with customer specific content.


Right to Access Data

  • The option for the data subject to edit their data already exists in Impexium in an individual’s profile access.
  • A “Privacy” tab will be added to the profile to enable the data subject to change their privacy settings.


Right to be Forgotten/Erasure

  • In the Privacy tab, staff will be able to erase the data subject’s personal information and cease further dissemination of the data.
  • A web hook will be available to notify third party Data Processors or Data Controllers.


Data Portability

  • Staff will be able to download and send a PDF compilation of the data subject’s data.
  • Via configuration, this option will be available for the data subject as well. When enabled, the data subject will be able to download the file themselves.


Hear from an Impexium Client...

“Impexium’s enterprise functionality combined with the benefits of a true software-as-a-service (SaaS) model requires minimal technical support and is incredibly straightforward to use. There is a real sense of excitement around what we can achieve with Impexium.”

National Automobile Dealers Association

Impexium Advantages
  • Operational efficiency. Data is incredibly valuable in the age of a data-driven organization. Therefore, your data should be treated as the asset it is.
  • Establish and deploy business rules that determine who has access to what data. Assign controls based on function or role.
  • Process, organize and prepare your data, offering a much clearer picture and a better understanding of your audience, membership, strategies and efforts.



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