Make Your Members Fall in Love With You All Over Again Through Marketing Automation

When your members first joined your association, they were excited and eager – opening every newsletter, reading every blog post, registering for webinars and events. Over time though, at least for some members, the love affair has cooled. How can you re-engage those members and get them to fall in love all over again? Even more important, how do you keep them engaged and involved so they don’t fall out of love in the first place?

The answer lies in that word – engaged. Members who are reading your blog posts and registering for events are engaged. But, if they stop engaging with your content, then they are falling out of love. To keep your members engaged, you need to give them the type of relevant, interesting content that drew them in at the beginning. 

How do you know which content is right? Each member will have their own needs and interests. To uncover those interests, you’ll want to determine what they’ve been reading, when and how often they click, and what channels they prefer to receive your content.  This might seem like an impossible task - and it probably would be - if marketing automation weren’t around.

Marketing automation can count every click your members make and track what it is they are clicking on. You can sort your members by the topics they click on most often – creating groups with similar interests. By sending these groups customized newsletters centered on these interests, you can engage them more deeply with your organization.

Custom newsletters for each interest group sounds like a big job. However, if your marketing automation provider offers dynamic content, customization becomes much simpler. You set up the common parts of the newsletter, as well as the custom sections. When you send it, the system automatically customizes the newsletter by swapping in the appropriate custom section based on the interest group each member belongs to. From your members’ perspective, they receive a newsletter tailored to their specific interests, containing content that is relevant to their needs.

What about those who have fallen out of love – who stopped engaging some time ago? Here, you may need to do some wooing to bring them back. A re-engagement campaign may do the trick. Try a different form of outreach rather than your standard newsletter. Personalize your message and let them know you’ve missed them. Give them some sort of special offer to click. You might try a survey, so they can tell you what they are interested in. Give them plenty of chances to re-engage with you and your content – when they do, you’ll be able to rediscover their interests – and deliver the relevant, customized content they deserve.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to continue to court your members with the type of information they need in order to be successful, whether it’s continuing education, blog posts about issues facing your association and members, or scholarly articles. By showing you know what they need, and by delivering it, you’ll keep the romance alive for years to come.

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Impexium would like to thank our guest blogger, Jim Katz, Executive Vice President of Sales, Real Magnet, for sharing his love of marketing automation and membership engagement.