3 Ways Your AMS Will Improve Member Engagement 

Today’s modern technological solutions, including membership management software or association management solutions (AMS), use big data and analytics to foster collaboration between staff, members, and partners inside and outside of the association. Here are three reasons to consider upgrading your association’s existing legacy membership software to a modern AMS to improve member engagement. 

1. Providing comprehensive insight into various association aspects 

One of the most obvious benefits of a membership management solution with built-in data analytics and visualizations is its ability to deliver comprehensive insight into the various aspects of your association. It helps disseminate information on membership data and activities, financial transactions and much more. 

Such data provides tremendous value to organizations in the 21st century, as long as you can separate the pertinent facts and important information from useless details. With so much data available, it's critical that you understand and interpret all of it, including historical statistics, financial figures, demographic information and social activities. 

Today's AMS solutions provide several ways to help you and your association analyze and better interpret the data, including: 

  • Comprehensive and detailed analytics about your association and its membership base 

  • Integrated dashboards and graphical user interfaces to help you navigate the various datasets and highlight the most-useful information 

  • Next-gen visualizations that disseminate data in a clear, concise manner while making it possible to compare and contrast various datasets and information 

2. Sharing ideas and validating the decision-making process 

Given the fast-paced and highly competitive nature of the modern world, collaboration and validation are more important than ever. Not only do those practices promote faster decision making, they make it possible to provide an even greater membership experience across the board. 

Moreover, staff are encouraged to share ideas as much as possible. That information is then validated by their peers to ensure accuracy and consistency. It doesn't matter if they're sharing data on specific members, generic demographics, educational programs, or conferences, all of it can be strengthened, validated and distributed through a modern AMS, such as Impexium. 

3. Improving accessibility and day-to-day management functionality 

Through a process known as data governance, AMS platforms are able to ensure, control and manage access to the information that powers your association on a day-to-day basis. It sounds simple enough, but a lot of nuances surround data governance. 

According to the Data Governance Institute, which is all about best practices, data governance establishes system rights and accountabilities for all IT-related activities and functions. The definition melds with the concept of the modern-day AMS in many ways. Not only does data governance provide a baseline for elements such as data retention, storage and archiving, it provides a strict set of rules to control who has access to the various parts of your membership database. 

How Impexium can help you and your association?

Impexium's smarter, simpler membership management was developed from the ground-up with next-gen membership management and big data analytics in mind. To find out how we can help your association expand and deliver more value to your members, request a demo and visit the Impexium website.