How Your AMS Can Help Your Association Become Member-Centric 

According to "7 Measures of Success," by the American Society of Association Executives, technology is a driving force of most member-centric associations. Not only does modern and next-gen technology let you keep pace with today's competition, association management system (AMS) platforms can improve your organization in many ways, including: 

Service Configuration 

Today's consumers crave the ability to customize, and members are no exception. They want to work with an organization that provides them exactly what they want, and they're not afraid to look elsewhere if their needs aren't met. An association management solution is the answer. 

Although you don't necessarily have to cater to every single request or demand, showing some amount of flexibility through service customization is a great way to attract new members and retain current ones. Service customization may make the day-to-day duties of membership management more difficult, but it results in greater member retention and development over time. 

Generally speaking, there are four approaches to this type of service configuration; 

  • Collaborative involves reaching out to members directly to receive their specific input. 

  • Adaptive lets you design your service with a specific purpose in mind while leaving room for alterations and additional configuration. 

  • Cosmetic gives you the opportunity to present your service differently depending on the specific member demographics, either by presenting it with a different name or features, or something else entirely. 

  • Transparent is best used when a member's actions or needs are easily predicted, and the approach lets you provide unique services to each member according to individual needs. 

Membership Analytics 

Modern membership software, which typically consists of a dashboard or user interface, advanced analytical capabilities and detailed data visualizations, gives you the opportunity to monitor membership activities, highlight common trends and predict future behaviors. 

Such data is best used when introducing process improvements, adding new member services and customizing services to meet the needs of your membership base. Not only does that make your job easier, it lets you provide members with a better service across the board while adding increased relevance and value over time. 

Teammate Collaboration 

AMS platforms also promote collaboration among staff, volunteers and partners. User interfaces, dashboards and access portals are great ways to share information on members, individually or according to specific demographics or filters, since they provide a centralized resource for your entire staff. 

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