Defining 2018's Personal and Membership Success in Just Three Words

2017 included many challenges but set a foundation for what I am anticipating will be a wildly successful 2018. But a year from now, how will I (and Impexium) measure and determine if I accomplished all I set out to achieve?

The answer: Three words.

In a former life, at the beginning of each year, I challenged my team to identify three words to use as their compass on the road to a successful new year.  The words would be their guide for personal and/or professional success (selfishly, I hoped the exercise would force the individuals to focus on the steps needed to successfully exceed their sales quota).

The rules for choosing the three words were simple:

  • Only 3 words, no phrases
  • They had to be shared with the team + one may be called on at any time during a future team meeting to provide a status of how they were applying the words
  • Each word had to aligned with a goal, a larger objective

My three words for 2018 all apply to personal and professional goals and tend to be personal reminders to act and be proactive in making decisions that impact these goals. They are:

  • Outcomes

A reminder to focus on impact vs. doing things.  2018 is about making a difference vs. just achieving results based the countless day-to-day activities that, if allowed, can negatively consume the day.

  • Impeccable

Often defined as the highest standard of propriety; faultless. To be impeccable, I need to raise my game for all activities/initiatives in 2018. I'll have to work smarter, simplify and have flawless execution.

  • Unplugged

As in, make time to step away from a screen and personally interact with individuals—over coffee, a phone call or even a hand-written note. A daily reminder to give myself permission to turn-off work and invest in myself--focus on personal growth, relationships and recharging my creative juices.

I know many of Impexium’s customers feel they have a huge year ahead of them as well. And with Impexium as their association management solution (AMS), why would they feel otherwise? (obligatory plug…perhaps one of my words should be shameless or shill.)

Whether it be personal goals, such as reading more books, or professionally oriented, such a renewed focus on driving value to existing and prospective members, what three words will define what you or your association expects to accomplish in 2018?

Pick your three words. Share them with Impexium and your association colleagues. Post them on your desk or your bathroom mirror. Be accountable. Best of luck for new levels of membership management success in 2018!

Note: Three Words is an exercise “borrowed” from Chris Brogan. Check out the link for more information on how he picks his three words as well as history of previous year’s words. I hope you find the exercise equally meaningful and enjoyable.