4 Ways to Future-Proof Your Association's AMS

Legacy membership management systems often require manual upgrades and ongoing updates that can take weeks (or months) to complete. Not only are users of these systems often using outdated functionalities, but the time spent on updating the software is pushing them further behind on the daily activities required to successfully serve their members. Implementing a cloud-based association management solution or association management system (AMS) is one way to future-proof your association. 

Although implementing an AMS requires both a monetary investment and resources to manage the project, today’s modern, mobile first, analytics-driven membership management solutions will often pay for itself with the amount of time (and energy) it saves staff. Here are four ways a next-gen AMS can future-proof your systems:  

1. Iterative updating 

With iterative updating, only files that have been changed, modified or revised are updated. There's simply no reason to re-download or re-copy an identical file. Iterative updating saves your association the time of performing unnecessary updates, which can be disruptive to daily operations and the ability to deliver member services. 

2. End-to-end automation and workflows 

Next-gen membership software provides end-to-end automation that can hasten many of the activities associated with membership management. Today's AMS platforms are capable of automating the most time-consuming and monotonous tasks, including general recordkeeping, notifications, assignments and reporting. 

3. Artificial intelligence (AI) 

Modern AMS platforms are increasing looking to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) as much as possible. Recent breakthroughs and advancements in AI technology mean that many of these features are simply not available to legacy system users. 

Many associations and membership organizations use data-driven AI applications to drive service personalization and configuration. Although current AMS platforms are still somewhat limited in leveraging AI, this is all expected to change as technology evolves and market expectations change. 

AI coupled with standard AMS functionality can also help associations attract new members and strengthen retention. The sheer amount of data that is available today - coupled with the capabilities of AI - gives associations and organizations more membership visibility than ever before. Not only do they know who individual members are, but they understand their specific needs. Enabling the right insights and guidance to your employees will help you build the right strategy to grow revenue. 

4. Mobile connectivity 

Mobile computing Mobile computing is hitting the mainstream public in a big way. Members are no longer tied down by power cords and Ethernet cables. Instead, they're reaching into their pocket for their smartphones or relying on their laptop or tablet for computing-on-the-go. It's a growing trend, but it's one that's expected to have a huge impact on IT in general as well as future member engagement and association revenue initiatives. 

Modern AMS platforms, including Impexium, were built with a mobile-first approach. As a result, they are uniquely prepared for the mobile generation. All functionality, including membership portals, as well as reporting and analytics are easily accessed via smartphone, laptop or desktop - whatever your staff or members prefer. 

Moreover, you'll be able to use the data you've collected to determine your members' preferred method of access. Not only can this steer the development of your organization, but it helps save money by allowing you to focus on devices that your members use most often. 

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