about us

Why Impexium?

Impexium Overview

At Impexium, we recognize an Association Management Solution (AMS) needs to be as flexible as its customers are unique. Our approach to membership management is informed by real-world successes. Impexium relies on our customers, prospects and our own insights, gathered from more than 2,000 implementation experiences, to continuously refine our membership management platform to deliver the outcomes necessary to address major organizational goals — today and in the future.

  • We are driven to change your mind about what is possible
  • We work to make your work more productive and enjoyable
  • We believe there is power in simplicity

At Impexium, we recognize every member is a customer, but not every customer is a member. This vision creates a great opportunity for associations to leverage Impexium’s smarter, simpler membership management platform to personally connect with individuals and organizations and build a single, cohesive experience with their brand and community (and drive new revenue opportunities).


The Impexium Business Advantage

Impexium believes AMS technology is no longer simply a productivity tool to perform tasks faster and cheaper but should transform the way an association conducts business. Managing the business of your association should be simple and intuitive — allowing staff and members to work with the latest technology and conveniences expected from the for-profit sector.

Impexium’s mobile first, responsive, analytics-driven platform allows associations, professional societies and non-profits of all sizes to:

  • Serve members more intelligently and profitably
  • Strengthen alignment between strategies and operations
  • Reduce costs through increased flexibility and gain ROI faster
  • Create value for key relationships — members, customers, partners, prospects and staff

Everything we do is laser focused on streamlining work for our customers, so they can focus on their mission and members.

Check out our Impexium overview video to learn more:



Impexium Culture

Although we are growing, we strive to retain and cultivate a culture of continuous innovation and a relentless pursuit of membership success. With several hundred years of collective technology experience serving associations and non-profit organizations, we’ve learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work to help our customers succeed. We have the luxury of building Impexium from the ground up on the latest mobile technology to serve today’s forward-thinking associations and their members. Impexium is not hindered by older technologies, thus allowing us to focus on innovation and what is possible not only today but also in the future.

Our priority is to identify and serve associations with a vision for the future, which will benefit from a new way of serving existing and prospective members. 


Our Playbook


The people we serve, whether clients or internal customers, are the reason we exist. Our commitment is to meet the client’s needs and to WOW at every touch point.


We are a “gritty” group that believes there is always a better and faster way. We challenge each of our team members to find those corners of improvement or new ideas, ask for help and then get about the business of execution. Sheer will and determination drive us.


We don’t believe everyone should dress the same any more than we believe everyone should think the same. Be yourself, this is what drives diversity in thought and innovation.


Every team member is empowered to lead and be accountable for their commitments and owning their decisions.


Results mean everything. What you do is more important than what you say you’re going to do. Take smart risks, learn what works, and keep moving.


We understand that true significance is not related to money, unless money is leveraged with impact, scale, and a passion to do good.


Sure we work hard, but having fun changes our perspective and inspires creativity. We believe the spirit of fun makes for a better workplace, a better business practice, and a better planet.


Push the bounds and, if you fall, get back up and run even faster. Failure and innovation go hand in hand. Share what you learn so we can all get better. Never give up and don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Keep playing!


Do what is right, not what is easy. Live by the highest standards of honesty and integrity with our clients, our vendors and each other.


Curiosity and passion for learning challenges us to do more, to think differently, and to solve tough problems. This focus ensures that we lead rather than follow the crowd.