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Impexium's Mobile-First AMS and Advodigy's Mobile Event App Drive Event Attendee Engagement Before, During and After Association Events

November 23, 2015 (McLean, VA) -- Impexium, a global provider of association management solutions, announced a partnership with Avodigy, creator of Eventpedia. Impexium's mobile-first, fully responsive design, analytics driven membership management platform supports the full range of association business, administrative and membership activities for trade associations, professional societies, association management companies, fraternal organizations and chambers of commerce. Eventpedia is the premiere mobile app for associations and non-profits to use for conferences and events ranging from hundreds to thousands of attendees.

"It makes sense for us to partner with Impexium because our respective products focus on responsive design for mobile and web. And, like Impexium, Eventpedia is built to work with the latest generation phones, tablets, and computers, which means the engagement with your attendees is the same quality before, during, and after your event," said Avodigy CEO TJ Sun. "Similar to Impexium's ability to make membership management smarter and simpler, we like to think that Eventpedia simplifies event attendee engagement and interactions with each other and their association."

Impexium's responsive Association Management Software (AMS) was designed with mobile in mind. Understanding members and staff are accessing the platform from multiple locations, at the office or attending an event, means Impexium was built to ensure an individual's interactions with others members, association staff and the organization's resources is the same no matter what device is being used.

"Avodigy's Eventpedia app enables large and small associations to maximize the success of each event with an intuitive and robust feature set," said Patrick Dorsey, EVP, Marketing at Impexium. "At Impexium, we take pride in our ability to make membership management manageable. To help us fulfil this promise, we partner with companies that complement our vision and believe apps like Eventpedia help us bridge the gap between communication, information, and engagement for today's forward thinking associations."

For more information, please visit www.impexium.com.

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Smarter, Simpler Membership Management: Impexium’s 100% web-based AMS supports the full range of association business, administrative and membership activities. We combine enterprise-level functionality with the benefits of a true software-as-a-service model to deliver a mobile-first, fully responsive design, analytics driven platform to trade associations, professional societies and non-profits of all sizes. Change your mind about what is possible. Schedule a demo today. For more information on our products or services, please visit www.impexium.com.