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Careers FAQ

What does Remote + aligned office mean?

  • U.S. locations – all positions currently have the flexibility to work full-time remote due to COVID, as well as a hybrid option if the guidelines in that state are allowing an in person office presence.  Currently we have offices in 3 locations:  1) McLean, VA, 2) Troy, MI and 3) Torrance, CA.  Each position is aligned to an office.  If you are interested is a specific position aligned to an office location and would like to inquire about the possibility of in person or hybrid presence in a different office location for that role, speak to your recruiter to understand flexibility for your role.
  • Latin America – Colombia - all positions in Colombia are remote only at this time

How does assignment to an Office Location work?

If you are aligned to a specific office location, you will be aligned to that office’s events and meetings. For the most part, we will expect remote team members to be able to come in for occasional meetings and events.

What Hybrid and Remote Options Are Available?

We offer everyday flexibility so you can shape your schedule and be present for the things that matter to you in work and in life. For example, hybrid office-based team members can spend a flexible amount of days per week working remotely based on a schedule they work out with their leader.  Some roles require more in person time than others, but all positions offer flexible options.  We also offer the option for many positions to work remotely full time. If you’re interested in a remote role, please indicate your interest when you apply and let your recruiter know.

What tools and resources are available?

Communication is important, and teams can’t be successful unless everyone stays organized and up to speed. Tools like Slack, Asana, TEAMS and Zoom allow you to openly communicate, connect, and collaborate seamlessly with teammates across time zones and geographies.

Do remote team members have the same opportunities?

Our Play No Suits Just Innovation leads with a focus on diverse perspectives. We’re committed to continuing to build a diverse team where everyone’s voice is heard and everyone’s contributions are valued.   Our holistic approach to benefits includes fully remote tech support, country specific benefits, and expanded resources that allow you to thrive. 

Our extensive learning and development options help you grow your skills and your career.  We offer a variety of remote learning resources and trainings, a Leadership development program, and career driver and peer to peer mentor programs.